Duration: 60 minutes
Set of manual techniques that relieve and reduce pain caused by muscle tension or lack of tone, creating a sense of well being, and physical and mental health.


Duration: 80 minutes
Corrects deficiencies in spinal movement and balances the subluxations (misalignments of the vertebrae) to improve the function of the nervous system. Helps the body achieve a healthy state.
This chiropractic massage does not seek to treat specific diseases or conditions.


Duration: 60 minutes
A therapy that involves making a manual massage with slow, rhythmic, harmonic and very smooth movements that promote lymph circulation, improving liquid retention. Strengthens the immune system.


Duration: 70 minutes
A manual therapy that uses shiatsu technique, in which hands are used to apply pressure to certain points on the body, which are energetically linked to the internal organs. It helps to get a physical and mental balance, it is relaxing, relieves stress, activates blood circulation and improves sleep quality.


Duration: 90 minutes
SABAI means: Relaxation, regeneration and healing.
This is a very unique treatment that leads to a state of physical and emotional balance.

This massage is performed using natural tissue bags or pouches filled with aromatic herbs, medicinal plants and essential oils that are heated and impregnated with hot vapour which are applied all over the body.
The massage starts with a small ritual of aromatherapy, and then a delicious body scrub is performed using crushed natural ingredients. This step prepares the skin for the massage with the scented pouches, which is done by exerting pressure on different parts of the body, leading the patient to a state of deep relaxation, improving stress, insomnia and providing a wonderful moisturized and detoxified skin.