The stay in Merecumbe Hotel is an unexpected dining experience. A fresh and delightful culinary proposal that emphasizes the use of local produce including fruits, vegetables and herbs harvested by hand at the hotel. Our menu includes delicious and nutritious meals that meet the needs of vegetarians or vegans travelers. This little paradise in the middle of the rainforest offers a menu you can choose the dish you prefer for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the three included in the plan.

TWe also organize lunch to take on your day excursions.



Immerse yourself in the quiet and natural of our massage on the beach and enjoy therapeutic and restorative for a total wellbeing. Apart from relaxation, therapeutic massage can positively affect your entire body improving circulation and oxygenation of the blood, relieving and reducing muscle pain tension-type or lack of tone and balancing the energy system, generating a feeling of physical and mental health .

All raw materials used in our treatments are natural and handmade origin. They are free of ingredients of animal origin and have not been tested on animals; This reinforces our commitment to nature and the environment.

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