Without leaving Merecumbe Hotel, the place lends itself to relax. You can opt for a quiet plan like reading or doing some beach yoga; we also invite you to take a healthy and relaxing massage at our seaside spa enjoying the lush seascape or sunbathe in the loungers and hammocks overlooking the sea, or on the wood decks, discreetly located between the vegetation of the tropics. Please don’t forget to book your massage session in advance.



Tayrona Park is one of the most important and most visited national parks in Colombia. It has 4 entrances: Concha Bay, Palangana, Calabazo and Zaino. In Concha Bay and Palangana we can find dry, semi-desert tropical forest with very calm beaches and coral reef filled waters. In the Calabazo and Zaino, we find tropical rainforest and a great biodiversity of flora and fauna and interaction of the archaeological ruins of the Tayrona.

TAYRONA BEACHES – Departing point: Cañaveral parking is the starting point of a 1-hour hike through rainforest to reach Arrecifes beach. This is an extensive and beautiful beach but due to rips and currents it is prohibited to swim. Only a 20 min hike away we find the beach ‘la piscina’ which means ‘pool’ in Spanish since it is a wonderful formation of a natural aquamarine salty pool where you can have a refreshing swim. Finally, after 20 more minutes hiking we will find the third most beautiful beach in Latin America according to National Geographic: “Cabo San Juan Del Guia”. That is the perfect paradise to spend the rest of the day bathing in the beautiful beaches and contemplating the majestic scenery. At the end of the day we will take the same trip to return to Merecumbe.




Departing point: Calabazo. We start a hike of 2 hours and 40 minutes to reach the archaeological ruins of the Tayrona Indigenous people. There we will have a close encounter with the indigenous people providing a space for recognition of their architecture and culture. From there we continue our hike for one hour and a half to reach the beach Cabo San Juan de Guia where you can enjoy a dip in the sea. Then we continue our trip visiting the beaches ‘la piscina’ and ‘Arrecifes’ and finally reach Cañaveral where a vehicle will be waiting to take us back to Merecumbe. (Difficulty level: high).




Playa Cristal beach or ‘Beach of the Dead’ is a beautiful bay located just 15 minutes by boat from Neguanje. Its charms are the clear waters, white sands and beautiful coral reefs, which make it ideal for snorkeling. This tour is perfect for those who enjoy the natural beauty of the sea and like spending some quiet time on the beach.

Departure from Merecumbe at 7:30 am, starting a road trip of approximately 45 minutes, in which we enter the Tayrona Park and make a short stop at the viewpoint to see the ‘beach of Seven Waves’, a stunning beach that delights us with an amazing view. Remember it is not safe to swim in this beach.

We will continue our way to reach Neguanje beach where we will board a boat that will take us to Playa Cristal in about 15 minutes. On this beach you can enjoy the refreshing clear waters ideal for snorkeling and enjoy a relaxing day at sea. In the afternoon we take the boat back to Neguanje and then the vehicle back to Merecumbe at approximately 4:00 pm.




We recommend starting the tour at 2:00 PM to avoid the strong midday sun and have a pleasant tour in the sanctuary. We start with a 1.5 hours trip by car on the Caribbean Highway towards Riohacha until we reach the Flamingos Sanctuary. Once there we will start a tour on an artisanal sailboat for about 1.5 hours. During this tour we will be in the midst of an ecosystem of many bogs, which are separated from the sea by sand barriers. The impressive richness of the biodiversity will allow us to observe the pink flamingos and other migratory seabirds. Then we will return to the sanctuary and we will leave to Riohacha boardwalk (20 minute drive) to appreciate the crafts of indigenous Wuayuu people and finally return to Merecumbe (1.5 hour drive) arriving between 8 and 8:30 pm.




It is one of the rivers that originate in the peaks of the Sierra Nevada. We descend in floating doughnuts until we reach to the junction of the river with the Caribbean Sea. Along the way we observe the flora and fauna in all its majesty. The duration of the trip down the river is one hour and a half and a safety boat accompanies us at all times. Then we rest on the beach for about 30 to 40 minutes and finally return up the river on a boat for 40 minutes to the starting point.




In the small town of Perico, the Sierra keeps in its mountains crystalline waters in natural pools where the sacred well ‘Pozo Sagrado’ for the four tribes of the Sierra Nevada is located. The tour starts with a 40-minute walk along the banks of the river, contemplating the native biodiversity until we reach a canyon formed by the same creek where we find the Sacred Well. There will be 30 minutes to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and crystal clear waters. Then we return to the starting point with another 40-minute walk.




We start with a walk of about 30 minutes along the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, bordering the riverbed where we can observe the variety of flora and fauna of this ecosystem. We reach the spectacular pool of the Mendihuaca Chief that was used by him and his tribe to do their spiritual work. There you can enjoy a swim in fresh water and enjoy the lush of the forest and the beautiful landscape of sea and river.




We climb to the top of the mountain on a 4-hour journey by car. The top of the mountain is an ideal place to appreciate the creation of nature: A panoramic view of Santa Marta and the vastness of the horizon is lost between the blue sea and sky. Then we descend to the Dorado San Lorenzo reserve, coffee route, pozo azul and Minca town, where do bird watching and enjoyment of fresh waters.




The trip starts at Merecumbe’s beach. Along the way we stop and visit a cocoa plantation farm, then we get to Quebrada Valencia to enjoy the majestic waterfalls and then back again to Merecumbe.




In the middle of the jungle, an hour and a half away from the Caribbean Highway (Troncal del Caribe), we will enter into the mountains on the foothills of the Sierra Nevada and observe different landscapes and vegetation. After a while we will find a Kogi indigenous community where they live in harmony with nature. Through lectures led by Kogi Indians, translated by the guide, we will learn about their culture and interact with their community, with respect, eyes and ears attentive to their teachings. This experience enriches us and gives us a comprehensive understanding of this culture. They will explain their traditions, crafts, dance, architecture, astronomy, medicine, social organization and family life. Being nearby rivers Don Diego and Buritaca, we will bid farewell to this land with a refreshing swim, to finally return to the hotel. Transportation is done in 4×4 trucks through an uncapped road lasting 5 hours.

NOTE: Since we go on small walks throughout the indigenous village we recommend closed and comfortable walking shoes for this activity. Clothing must be comfortable and according to the jungle environment like long pants. We also recommend bringing insect repellent; cameras may be brought and when the community authorises they can be used in their private environment. It is not recommended to give money to the indigenous people in exchange for pictures. In the price of this tour a contribution to the community is included. This contribution is made through the delivery of items that have been previously requested by indigenous families and are delivered to them through a census. If you wish make further contributions, we recommend you bring presents such as threads, needles or food without preservatives.