Hotels in Santa marta

Hotels in Santa Marta
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  • Dream Beach

    Dream Beach

    The intimate and secluded beach of this green Hotel is the ideal place to get a relaxing massage, take the sun, read or enjoy a delicious cocktail from our menu while gazing at the Caribbean and the beautiful peaks of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

  • Nature


    we are surrounded by the lush beauty and biodiversity of the sierra nevada. this is pepe, our favorite guest.

  • Cuisine


    Merecumbe is an unexpected and incredible gastronomic experience.

  • Ecohabs


    The rooms of this luxury hotel are ecohabs style. With minimalist architecture and design, they are built bioclimatically with palm roofs and wood, ensuring cool nights and lulled by songs of crickets, frogs and cicadas.


  • Restaurant This small Paradise in the middle of…
  • Wine List Discover the luxury of sharing a bottle…


Places to Visit

Merecumbe Hotel Santa Marta …a choice for those who like nature, without put to one side comfort and luxury This hotel designed and built by its owners, with natural materials, has a total area of 100.000 square meters approximately: 60.000 square meters in area for preserving, conservation and reforestation which gives privacy and isolation.

11 rooms distributed in more than 30.000 square meters, it means, each room has an approximated area of 2.500 square meters of outstanding beauty gardens with typical flora and wildlife of the zone.

Also is quite near to one of the most important natural reserves in Colombia “Tayrona Natural National Park” which is within the 10 best places with the most beautiful beaches in the world and the best of the Hotels in Santa Marta; Merecumbe Hotel Santa Marta.

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